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K9s Sniffing Out Stashed Cash in Southern Florida

Law enforcement dogs in South Florida sniff not only for drugs and explosives, now they are sniffing out stashes of hidden cash.

By training their dogs to identify the scent of the paper and ink that is used in the making of U.S. currency, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection currency canine program helped the federals seize more than $40 million as it was being snuck out of the U.S. last fiscal year.

Following the success of the federal agency, local police departments in the panhandle state have likewise begun training their own currency dogs. The police and sheriff deputies are learning that cash-sniffing dogs are an effective tool in the fight against drugs, smuggling and other illegal activities that produce large piles of cash.

The currency dogs are able to detect hidden cash in houses, vehicles and luggage negating the need for their human counterparts to disassemble these houses, vehicles and pieces of luggage, a time-consuming and destructive process.

Here at Florida Auto Loans, we think that’s pretty cool.