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Florida Park Boat Ramp Bans Personal Watercraft

There’s good news for water lovers in Palm Beach County, Fla. A new boat ramp has been opened at the 100-acre Sunset Lake at South County Regional Park. However, this same ramp at the park just to the west of Boca Raton is bad news for lovers of personal watercraft, for they have been banned from using the new ramp.

The county says that PWCs are not allowed because they are too noisy, too unsafe and simply do not match the “passive” activities the county leaders envisaged when, in between rounds of Ensure and adult diaper changes, they decided that it’d be a fine idea to invest nearly $1 million in a new boat ramp that many county’s residents would not be allowed to use as they would prefer.  This is not too surprising, given that Palm Beach is one of the most exclusive zip codes in the US.  In fact, the most common vehicle for an auto loan in Palm Beach, FL, is the Mercedes E-Class.

Of course, county residents and businesses have rights as well, and the American Watercraft Association says that the ban must be overturned. After all, the association says, tubing and waterskiing is allowed on the lake and any law that prohibits PWCs simply turns PWCers into criminals.