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Florida Man Arrested for DUI, Possession of Illegal Monkey

Proving that Florida is indeed America’s greatest state, a man in Largo, FL has learned that the Gator State is no place to drink and drive and certainly no place to own an illegal monkey.

After Eugene Carl Kotelman, 36, was recently pulled over for speeding, the officer discovered that not only was the driver deep within his cups, he also had with him a very unusual passenger: a small macaque money. Though arrested at that time for the driving under the influence and with a suspended license, after posting bail, he was re-arrested by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers and charged with two counts of violating fish and wildlife regulations and possession of wildlife.

The FFWCC also took possession of the little simian.  So if you’re one of our clients in the market for a car loan in Largo, FL, just watch out for drunks and monkeys on the roads!