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Florida PIP Auto Insurance Reform Approved by Governor

Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed into law legislation that puts into place tighter controls over how service providers and policyholders receive compensation under the Gator State’s personal injury protection insurance. No-fault PIP insurance reimburses policyholders for accident-related injuries.   

Supporters of the legislation say that the restrictions will help fight PIP-related fraud and crime and, therefore, save the average policyholder money. Opponents of the law say that such legislation will force them to rely solely on slipping on grapes in supermarkets to make a living.

The new law limits nonemergency medical coverage reimbursement to $2,500. Emergency service coverage stays at the present $10,000 PIP limit.  Of course, whether you need an auto loan in Bartow FL to a buy here pay here car lot in Winter Haven, you’ll be wondering this:  will this decrease insurance premiums in our state?  The answer:  probably not :(