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The Real Miami Heat: City Residents Burdened with Extra High Auto, Housing, Student Debt

Not only do Miamians have to put up with being forced to share their beaches with an awful professional basketball team and J. Lo’s moose of a caboose, they also carry more auto, housing, and student debt than the citizens of the rest of the nation do. However, for reasons that J. Lo has refused to answer for, residents of the city have less-credit-card debt than the rest of us do.

On average, a driver in Miami owes around $500 more on her car than you and I do. Moreover, this same Miamian owes $199,472 on her home, while your momma, as you know, only owes $166,990 on her abode. This trend continues in the world of student debt with the former owing more than $32,000 and the latter just over $23,000.