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Great Gift Guide for Geeks!

If you still communicate via regular text message and only really use a computer at work then, when the time comes to buy a gift for a tech enthusiast, you can feel a little bit out of your wheelhouse. After all, with so many gadgets and whatnot in the tech world, it can be hard for anybody who doesn’t understand the world to find something appropriate.

If this sounds like you and you don’t want to arrive empty handed, below are some great gift ideas to get you out of a techie-tight spot.

That’s right, power! If the recipient loves nothing more than playing with their gadgets then they are familiar with one icon – the low battery icon! It’s the dreaded alert that evokes fear and anxiety among every tech lover each time they see it!

And while it may seem like the end of the world for them, there is a simple solution. External battery or power packs are a great gift idea because they are inexpensive and extremely useful

A Phone Cover
If the person you are buying for loves technology then the chances are they also love everything to do with Star Wars. And while there isn’t much that you can do to speed up the release of the new movie, you can head to the Groupon Coupons store for Disney and pick up a Star Wars themed phone case. Whether it’s the heroic Luke or the evil Darth, a gift like this is sure to put a smile on any techie’s face!

USB Powered Anything
And we mean anything! Whether it’s a small fan which sits on their computer a work, a can holder which keeps the drink cold, or even some flashing lights that turn on randomly throughout the day, if it’s USB powered, it’s a great gift idea!

Head to your local game or tech store and browse the trinket section of relatively cheap USB powered gadgets. While you might not see a use for it, consider this a good reverse guide. Look for a device which you think is the silliest thing you have seen and that’s the gadget you want to buy!

A Drone
No, we aren’t talking about the large reconnaissance drones that you hear about on the news. Instead, these are much smaller flying devices which can be controlled via a remote control or simply using a phone.

While there are a number of brands on the market, it’s best to let your budget decide which one you buy. However, if you can get one with a camera then it will be an instant hit at the party!

Finding a gift for a tech lover doesn’t have to be a stressful challenge. Stick to the ideas listed above and you will sure to get a great gift that’s guaranteed to please!