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Great Gift Guide for Geeks!

If you still communicate via regular text message and only really use a computer at work then, when the time comes to buy a gift for a tech enthusiast, you can feel a little bit out of your wheelhouse. After all, with so many gadgets and whatnot in the tech world, it can be hard […]

Southwest Florida Auto Dealers Project that the Year Will End Strong

Car dealers in Florida’s Manatee, Sarasota, and Charlotte counties are saying that 2012 could very well be a record-breaking year for them, according to an auto data provider Dominion Cross-Sell. So far this year, sales in the three Southwest Florida counties have increased by 12%. Moreover,, a car research outfit, says that auto lease […]

Auto Loan Rates Low, Low, Low in South Florida

Car dealers and auto finance services are offering auto loans with record-low interest rates in South Florida in an effort to get more people into brand new or new previously-owned cars. Many industry insiders say that Southern Floridians have been driving the same-old cars for way too long. “People have held on to their cars […]

Paul Alfalla Races to Second Straight Virtual NASCAR Championship

Virtual NASCAR racer Paul Alfalla, driving his No. 2 Chevy Impala, has been crowned the virtual NASCAR racing championship for the second year running. Coming in fifth earlier this week on iRacing’s virtual Miami-Homestead race track earned him enough points to end the season on top. His victory earned him $10,500 and the opportunity to […]

Beware of These Unneeded Auto Repairs

Cars are complicated machines. Sure, when things are running smoothly, this complexity is appreciated. However, when things start a-knocking and clicking and clacking, this complexity is to be dreaded. No longer can most of us fix our own cars; they are just too complex for that. This means that when we are at the garage, […]

Florida PIP Auto Insurance Reform Approved by Governor

Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed into law legislation that puts into place tighter controls over how service providers and policyholders receive compensation under the Gator State’s personal injury protection insurance. No-fault PIP insurance reimburses policyholders for accident-related injuries.    Supporters of the legislation say that the restrictions will help fight PIP-related fraud and crime and, […]

Florida Man Arrested for DUI, Possession of Illegal Monkey

Proving that Florida is indeed America’s greatest state, a man in Largo, FL has learned that the Gator State is no place to drink and drive and certainly no place to own an illegal monkey. After Eugene Carl Kotelman, 36, was recently pulled over for speeding, the officer discovered that not only was the driver […]

Florida Park Boat Ramp Bans Personal Watercraft

There’s good news for water lovers in Palm Beach County, Fla. A new boat ramp has been opened at the 100-acre Sunset Lake at South County Regional Park. However, this same ramp at the park just to the west of Boca Raton is bad news for lovers of personal watercraft, for they have been banned […]